Border Security

Ⅰ: Welded mesh fencing security system
Ⅱ: Chain link fencing security system
Ⅲ: Razor wire fencing security system

These 3 types of fencing are specially designed for border security or other region need high level security:

1, Border security system is all-around security system,not only it include physical
anti-speeling fencing ,but also include ultraviolet sensors, night vision cameras, buried movement sensors and patrol dogs. Here we only supply fencing system.

2, There are 3 types of fencing on option: welded mesh fencing system ,chain link fencing system and razor wire fencing system. The customer can select one,two or all 3 types of the fencing for security according to the security level

--- First class security level:3 lines of fencing system
--- Second class security level:2 lines of fencing system
--- Third class security level:1 line of fencing system

3,The height for the 3 type of fencing are specially for high security demand(typeⅠ and typeⅡ are 3.1 m,type Ⅲ are 2.6m)

4, Antirust level: the product and parts are all hot dipped galvanized ,according to ASTM A123, BS 729(zinc thickness:230g/sqm)

5, Customer's special security demand is available.

TYPEⅠ、Welded mesh fencing security system


TYPEⅡ、 Chain link fencing security system


TYPE Ⅲ、 Razor wire fencing security system