Services Fence

Services fence used widly in city building .It is widely used inCommunity garden,Organs and units,Stadium,City streets,Apartment Villa,Company plant,Botanical garden and so on.

We have 3 main series of this kind of fence: Double Wire Fence Series,Double Circle Fence Series,and Iron Art Fence Series.

Double Wire Fence Series

This series of protective mesh are simple in structure,beautiful and practical,easy to transport,
convenient to install and suitable for any landform.


Wire Diameter





2" x 2";2.5" x 2";
3" x 2";4" x 2";
2.5" x 2.5"; 3" x 3";


as required

he design and specifications can be made according to customers specific requirements.

Iron Art Fence Series

Iron Art Fence (ornamental fence)is designed provide an attractive and formal air to the property it surrounds, while at the same time providing security and containment.Often made of iron, it can provide a backdrop or border to architectural structures much like a picture frame does for a painting